NX15 Smart Rangefinder

+ Companion App

The power of a rangefinder combined with the power of your smartphone for unmatched golf course intelligence.

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Advanced when you need it. Simple when you don't.

An accurate, simple to use laser rangefinder on its own. The NX15 offers unmatched course intelligence when connected to the companion app.

Precise yardage to the flag with slope adjustments.

No more searching for a yardage marker or guessing how far uphill a shot plays. The NX15 provides accurate yardage and is tournament legal with the slope feature turned off.

Yardage to the front and back of the green.

The power of your smartphone places distances to the front and back of the green inside the rangefinder display. No coming up short or going long.

Always know where the flag is on the green.

The NX15 takes the lasered distance to the flag and overlays it on a map of the green. Displaying the flag’s exact location on the green.

Yardage to the perfect layup area.

Simply touch the app for distance or shoot an object with the rangefinder and see where and how far it sits on the map.

Blind shots are no longer blind.

The compass feature shows you where the green is, where the layup zone is, and what direction to hit. No more blind guessing.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to keep my phone in my pocket?"

The NX15 Smart Rangefinder uses advanced technology to provide distance from where the rangefinder is, not from where the phone is. If you’re on the tee and your phone is in the cart you can be certain the GPS distance is accurate. 

"Do I have to constantly interact with the phone?"

Designed to take advantage of the power of your smart phone without having to interact with it on every hole. You’ll always receive front and back distances in the rangefinder’s display without looking at the phone while it is always available for more detailed information such as flag location and course map.

Is this product tournament legal?

The NX15 Smart Rangefinder’s slope elevation can be easily switched off to make it tournament legal. The companion app is always legal for tournament play.

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