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NX7 pro slope

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You can’t reliably hit what you can’t accurately measure. The NX7 Pro’s Adaptive Slope feature does the math on uphill and downhill shots, giving you confidence with every club selection. Our laser technology and Pulse Vibration feature makes getting precise yardages straightforward, meaning you’ll never doubt your number. Includes free lifetime battery-replacement services with purchase as part of our industry-leading Precision Care Package.

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Free Lifetime Battery Replacement


Our Precision Care Package is something you won’t find from our competitors. It’s our commitment to you that our company is different. It’s proof we care as much about you after the purchase as before it, because you become a part of our golf family when you buy from Precision Pro Golf.


Adaptive Slope

Improved club selection with adjusted yardages.

Pulse Vibration

Confidence to know you hit your desired target.

Target Acquisition

Quickly locks onto the flag, not what’s behind it.

Water Resistant

Built to withstand the rain so that you can play through it.

Precision Care Package

Guarenteed to treat you the way you want to be treated. 

Two-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products. We’ll cover any issues within the first two years of ownership.

Everything included with the NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder

What's Included

1. NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder

2. Premium Packaging

3. Rangefinder Carrying Case

4. Manual/Product Cards

5. Battery (Pre-Installed)

6. Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

*Free Lifetime Battery-Replacement Services Included

Frenquently asked questions

Will this product only shoot the flag?

The NX7 Pro Slope rangefinder is capable of providing a distance to any object with a direct line of sight.

Do flags need prisms to get a reading?

Nope! The NX7 Pro Slope delivers precise readings to the flag regardless of whether or not there is a prism present.

What if my rangefinder's battery dies?

As part of our Precision Care Package, we offer lifetime battery replacements free of charge! For more information, click here.

Wider LCD Display
Magnetic Grip Feature
Adaptive Slope Feature
Free Batteries For Life
Precision Care Package
Pulse Vibration Technology
Shock-Proof Design
Water Resistant Design
Target Acquisition Feature
Accurate to One Yard
400 Yard Range
7x Magnification
6x Magnification
Tournament Legal

NX9 HD Slope




NX7 Pro Slope