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The Nexus provides accurate distances to the flag making club selection a breeze. Guessing and searching for yardage markers are a thing of the past. Add in that it’s simple to use, tournament legal, and water-resistant and you get excellent performance and value.


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Accurate to +/- One Yard

The difference between a 15-handicap golfer and a single-digit golfer is two extra greens hit per round. Golfers we surveyed stated they hit, on average, 2.3 more greens per round by using our rangefinder.

Target Acquisition

Close used to only be acceptable in horseshoes and tiddlywinks. The Nexus Rangefinder’s embedded Target Acquisition Technology makes it simple to lock on to the flag even if you have shaky hands.

6x Magnification

This level of accuracy is addicting. Remember switching to HD TV? It’s kind of like that. Our golfers love their rangefinders so much that 95% of them surveyed would give up at least one golf club to keep using their rangefinder.​

400 Yard Range

Reliably measure any flag, tree or bunker in your path.

Water Resistant

Built to withstand the rain so that you can play through it.

One Year Warranty

Assurance that we’re here to help with any issue.

What's Included

What's Included

1. Nexus Rangefinder

2. Premium Packaging

3. Rangefinder Carrying Case

4. Manual/Product Cards

5. Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth

Frequently asked questions

Will this product only shoot the flag

The Nexus rangefinder is capable of providing a distance to any object with a direct line of sight.

Do flags need prisms to get a reading?

Nope! The Nexus delivers precise readings to the flag regardless of whether or not there is a prism present.

How can I learn more about my rangefinder?

We’ve got lots of additional information on our FAQ page. Also, check out our product how-to videos!

Features NX9 HD SLOPE NX7 PRO NX7 Nexus
Wider LCD Display
Magnetic Grip Feature
Adaptive Slope Feature
Free Batteries For Life
Precision Care Package
Pulse Vibration Technology
Shock-Proof Design
Water Resistant Design
Target Acquisition Feature
Accurate to One Yard
400 Yard Range
7x Magnification
6x Magnification
Tournament Legal


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