Precision Pro Golf Nexus Rangefinder Reviews

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder Press Reviews

Golf WRX- Nexus Rangefinder

"It’s stylish, durable and its small size is a convenience around the golf course. With only two buttons, the Nexus won’t intimidate, yet its Advanced Target Lock and Dynamic Scanning functions provide the appropriate amount of sophistication desired by the most astute gearhead." Click Here to Read More


My Golf Spy - Nexus Rangefinder

"The Nexus is a budget laser that doesn't feel cheap. That’s a big step in the right direction" Click Here to Read More


Hacker's Paradise - Nexus Rangefinder

"Zeroing in on the flag stick from distances over 150 yards is relatively simple thanks to the 6x magnification level that the Nexus is equipped with. When it comes to comparing rangefinders, this feature stacks up well with other rangefinders consumers will find in this same price range. While it’s easy to think that the extra magnification level is not a necessity, it certainly makes locking in a target, whether it be a flag or hazard marker, just a little bit easier." Click Here to Read More


Plugged In Golf - Nexus Rangefinder

"The Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder is the best surprise in distance measuring devices this year. Superior performance at a budget price." Click Here to Read More