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NX7 Pro Slope








Golf Rangefinder Comparison Chart

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Features NX9 HD SLOPE NX7 PRO NX7 Nexus
Wider LCD Display
Magnetic Grip Feature
Adaptive Slope Feature
Free Batteries For Life
Precision Care Package
Pulse Vibration Technology
Shock-Proof Design
Water Resistant Design
Target Acquisition Feature
Accurate to One Yard
400 Yard Range
7x Magnification
6x Magnification
Tournament Legal

If it's more expensive it has to be better... right?

That sentiment is an easy trap to fall into, but it’s not always the case. Read how Precision Pro Golf compares to Bushnell Golf rangefinders. When you strip away the names, logos and fancy proprietary labels, the NX7 & NX7 Pro offer the same features, same quality but at a substantially lower price as the Bushnell V4 Shift and V4.

Precision Pro vs. Bushnell