NX7 Rangefinder

Non-Slope Rangefinder


The NX7’s accurate laser technology and Pulse Vibration feature make it simple for all golfers to get precise readings to the flag. The Compact Design and No-Slip Grip provide the perfect feel, while the industry leading Precision Care Package makes you part of our golf family.

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Swing With Confidence
Hit More Greens

The difference between a 15-handicap golfer and a single-digit golfer is two extra greens hit per round. Golfers we surveyed stated they hit, on average, 2.3 more greens per round by using our rangefinder versus using only course markings. Chew on that.​

Never search for a yardage marker again.

Wandering around looking for yardage markers is slow and rife with complications. Course dedicated yardage markers, such as sprinkler heads or fairway plaques, can become worn out and simply aren’t as precise as laser measurement. With a Precision Pro rangefinder, you’ll know exactly where you stand.

A little extra feel to know you've hit the target.

Confidence is a wonderful thing. Doubt, however, is not. Our Pulse Vibration Technology delivers a short burst to ensure the provided distance to the flag and not to the tree in someone’s backyard.​

Industry leading customer service. Because we care.

For us complete customer satisfaction is our motivation, not an obligation. Most companies say they care, but our goal is to prove that to you with every interaction. Our Precision Care Package is unmatched in the industry and gives you free battery replacements, a two-year warranty, trade in allowance, and much more – not to mention the peace of mind knowing we’ll always treat you like family.​

Easy to pick up the flag even with shaky hands.

Close used to only be acceptable in horseshoes and tiddlywinks. The NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder’s embedded Target Acquisition Technology makes it simple to lock on to the flag even if you have shaky hands.

Your new 14th club.
You'll never go back.

This level of accuracy is addicting. Remember switching to HD TV? It’s kind of like that. Our golfers love their rangefinders so much that 95% of them surveyed would give up at least one golf club to keep using their rangefinder.​

NX7 Pro Slope

¥ 45,000

Slope Rangefinder


¥ 36,800

Non-Slope Rangefinder


¥ 26,700

Entry-Level Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder Comparison Chart

Review the features of our award-winning and 5-star reviewed golf rangefinders and choose the one that meets your needs.
All of our rangefinders come with a 90-day money back guarantee and industry-leading customer service.

Features NX9 HD SLOPE NX7 PRO NX7 Nexus
Wider LCD Display
Magnetic Grip Feature
Adaptive Slope Feature
Free Batteries For Life
Precision Care Package
Pulse Vibration Technology
Shock-Proof Design
Water Resistant Design
Target Acquisition Feature
Accurate to One Yard
400 Yard Range
7x Magnification
6x Magnification
Tournament Legal

Precision Pro vs. Bushnell


Size:  1.5″ x 3″ x 4″    Weight: 10 oz

Pulse Vibration
Water Resistant Design
Shockproof Design
Accuracy +/- One Yard
400 Yard Measurements
1/10 Yard Measurements
6x Magnification
Multi-Distance Mode
Tournament Legal 

What's included?

NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder
Premium Hard Carrying Case
CR2 3v Battery
Instruction Manual
Cleaning Cloth
Free Battery Replacement

Precision Care Package

90-Day Money-back Guarantee
Two-Year Warranty
Guaranteed Trade-in Allowance
Fast No-Cost Turnaround Time
“We’re Here For You” Promise
Free Battery Replacement
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