Know Your Distance

You can't reliable hit what you can't accurately measure. Our rangefinders offer pinpoint accuracy so that you can choose the right club -- every time.

Swing With Confidence

Confidence is a wonderful thing for a golfer; doubt is not. You'll never search for a yardage marker again and you'll never second-guess your distance.

Hit More Greens

From the beginner to the tour pro, all golfers deserve to know exactly how far each club goes. That's how you make more greens-in-regulation and improve!

Precision is everything.

Precision Pro Golf offers award-winning rangefinders with the perfect combination of performance and price.


NX7 Pro Slope




Precision Care Package

Need a hand? Have a question? We’ve got you. Our
industry-leading customer service plan gives you the confidence that we’ll treat you like family.

From our lifetime free battery-replacement program to the
90-day money-back guarantee — we want you to be satisfied with our products.

Precision Pro vs. Bushnell