If it's beaming down from space, so it has to be better... Don't get fooled by buzzwords, laser rangefinders are where it's at.

Knowing your yardage is now easier for everyone, not just the pros.

Rangefinders are becoming more and more mainstream in the golfing community, the only trouble is figuring out which type to get.

What makes a Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder than a GPS rangefinder?

Unbeatable Accuracy

Laser Rangefinders are much more accurate, most will get you the correct measurement within a yard, some even claim to be accurate to 1/2 or even 1/10 of a yard. This can ease your mind when you are picking a club by knowing that the flag is actually 126 yards away and not 118 yards away. In terms of accuracy, it doesn’t get any better than a laser rangefinder.

No Programming

Unlike a GPS rangefinder, a laser rangefinder can operate on any course (or anywhere in the world, really) because they focus in on a target to get a measurement rather than relying on preprogrammed course maps. This means no worrying about whether or not your rangefinder has the appropriate map data, just pack it up and hit the links.

No Muss, No Fuss

Lasers are more precise, easier to maintain, and require less muss and fuss than GPS units. For one thing, GPS rangefinders require frequent charging between rounds whereas a laser rangefinder uses an interchangeable battery so it never has to leave your bag. You also won’t need the frequent updates and downloads that are required with a GPS rangefinder.

Every company has a customer service department, but for us, ensuring that each and every customer has a positive experience is the hallmark of how we operate. Our rangefinders provide -- but our commitment to each and every customer doesn't stop there.

The Precision Care Package was instituted for

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There you have it.

Real golfers are choosing Precision Pro Golf rangefinders. For the quality, the customer care and the savings. Our hope is that you take the money you save by purchasing an NX7 or NX7 Pro Slope and play a few more rounds, buy a new wedge or take a couple lessons