Precision Pro Golf Ambassador Program

Be a part of the Precision Pro Golf Team

What being an ambassador means for you.

Thank you for your interest in applying to become an inaugural Precision Pro Golf Ambassador.

This program is open to all golfers of all abilities. We aren’t professional golfers so we don’t expect you to be either. All we are looking for are people who love the game, are willing to meet new people on the golf course and have fun while doing so. 

This is the first year of this program so we will be starting small (10-12) with the goal to grow in the coming years.

The application process ends April 29 at 11:59 AM EDT.

Ambassadors will be chosen and notified on or around May 6.


Other important information


We want you to be an extension of our team! Show your friends, family and that random single the starters adds to your group.

Be a positive influence for the good of the game and Precision Pro Golf.


Other than getting to represent one of the coolest companies in golf (we might be a touch biased), if you don’t have one of our products we will help you get one at a significant discount. You will be able to upgrade to our new products at a significant discount as well that won’t be available to the public. 

We will hook you up with some cool Precision Pro Golf gear as well. We have some awesome towels and hats currently in the works.

Discount Codes

You will have coupon codes to give out. These can be used to help you friends and family get their own Precision Pro rangefinder or to give to anybody who sees your rangefinder and want one for themselves. We haven’t determined the amount off and how many you will be able to give out but they will be significant. You will receive more information about these after acceptance into the program.

To get a code to give out, email us and we will send you a code.

Social Media

The minimum we ask is that you follow us on Facebook,  Twitter (@PreProGolf) and Instagram (@PrecisionProGolf). If you don’t use social media, no worries, talking with others is truly the best social media anyways.

We encourage you to post when you are out using your rangefinder. If and when you do, make sure to get a good picture of the rangefinder then tag us and use the hashtag #PrecisionProAmbassador.

Ambassador of the Year

We want to be able to honor a special ambassador each year that best represents what being a Precision Pro Golf ambassador is. Requesting discount codes and having them used along with social media posts will be included but we are looking for quality over quantity. 

There will be a prize but that’s still to be determined. 

Personal Expectations

Since you are representing Precision Pro, we will hold you to the same standard we hold our own employees to on the course. We want you to have fun and be inclusive but being disrespectful to others and the game will not be tolerated. We hope this is something we will never have to deal with but if we hear of or see somebody breach this standard; we have the sole discretion to remove them from the ambassador program without warning. 

This is a game we all love and want to help other enjoy. So have fun, be inclusive and be respectful.

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to be a part of the Precision Pro Golf Ambassador Program you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Ambassador Program. You are consenting to receiving emails from us concerning the ambassador program and other marketing messages. You are agreeing to represent Precision Pro Golf in a respectful and professional manner. Discount codes are to be used to help others purchase a rangefinder and if an ambassador is found to be reselling products fraudulently purchased with a discount code will be removed from the program immediately. You are consenting to Precision Pro Golf to use your name, image and social media handles on Precision Pro Golf’s website, social media and in marketing materials.