We started with a simple question, "Why can't anyone seem to make a quality rangefinder at a reasonable price?" There are plenty of rangefinders on the market, some are even excellent, but they're overpriced. Ours Isn't.

In 2013, Clay Hood and Jonah Mytro...

a couple of avid golfers with plenty of industry experience, started Precision Pro because the average golfer had been priced out of the rangefinder market, while being reduced to little more than a necessary part of a transaction.

One year later, we debuted the first sub-$200 retail rangefinder.​

The Precision Pro V400

It was clear that consumers vote with dollars, and that showed us that we were on to something. Value conscious golfers were tired of subsidizing large corporate marketing budgets and tour player sponsorships.

So, we've been hard at work finding new and innovative ways to bring consumers the ultimate combination of performance and price.

We saw that as our technology improved, sales continued to climb, and tens of thousands of customers found out that a quality rangefinder doesn't have to set you back $400, $500 or even $600

In fact, we've been getting awards for how easy we've made it for the average golfer to get their hands on a rangefinder.

Our growth is rooted in the belief that every customer deserves a quality product at a fair price and a customer service experience where employee manuals are tossed in favor of common sense. We put you first in all we do.

Meet the Team Behind Precision Pro Golf

Clay Hood

[email protected]

Does all the things: writes the checks, unlocks the doors, takes out the trash, acts important, wastes time with meetings. Other than that it’s easy.

Handicap: 1

Strength: Short irons on point.

Weakness: Too many drives under a tree.

Jonah Mytro

[email protected]

With an ever-present phone in one hand and a caffeinated drink in the other, Jonah works with key accounts and makes the impossible possible for retailers.

Handicap: 7.6

Strength: Putting & mid-irons.

Weakness: Will talk to a retailer on the phone during your backswing.


[email protected]

The super utility player of Precision Pro Golf. If there’s an odd or particularly challenging problem, Alex is the one who figures it out. He’s also the one who reaches items on the top shelves.

Handicap: 10

Strength: Mid-irons.

Weakness: Fitting comfortably into golf carts.

Seth Holt

[email protected]

Handles marketing and digital advertising for Precision Pro Golf. Dreams of one day cracking search engine algorithms and consistently shooting in the mid 80s.

Handicap: 19

Strength: Providing moral support to golf buddies.

Weakness: Golf.

Chris Fryia

[email protected]

Manages our e-commerce platforms and deciphers the complex bureaucracy of Amazon and the butterfly-effect challenges of our supply chain.

Handicap: 20

Strength: Always having fun on the golf course.

Weakness: He’s not going to win any chipping contests.



[email protected]

Precision Pro Golf’s resident Southern Gentleman, the only thing Adam loves more than meeting new people in retail or green grass shops is sinking a great putt for par.

Handicap: 18

Strength: Club selection and planning a shot ahead.

Weakness: Tees are often lost in his beard.

Jesse Tenkman

[email protected]

If you give us a call, Jesse will most likely be the one who answers and helps you with your issue. If he doesn’t answer, he’s probably at Skyline eating three cheese coneys and someone else will give you a hand.

Handicap: 9

Strength: Driver.

Weakness: Short game has room for improvement.

Brad Young

[email protected]

Owner of the cleanest and most organized desk at Precision Pro HQ, Brad makes everything look thoughtful with an eye for design well beyond his years.

Handicap: 12

Strength: Incredibly consistent with the 5 iron.

Weakness: All the other clubs.

Trey Cassidy

Trey Cassidy

[email protected]

Our resident fantasy football champ, Trey runs the website, content, and our social media accounts. He’s also an expert at adding new and unnecessary equipment to his bag.

Handicap: 18

Strength: Knows all the one-liners

Weakness: Known to spend all day in the traps.

Nick Ellis

[email protected]

Manages the apps you use from Precision Pro. When he isn’t smacking the ball 50 yards out of play, you can find him googling the latest problems.

Handicap: 36

Strength: Staying positive.

Weakness: Keeping the ball in play.

Eric Peterson

[email protected]

Have a problem? Chances are you’re going to talk to Eric. You can find him helping our customers anywhere they are – he’s basically Batman.

Handicap: 18

Strength: Patience

Weakness: Irons

Nick Lauer

[email protected]

Nick helps get things to you on time. He’s also the one getting your rangefinder customized for you.

Handicap: 8

Strength: Shows up looking slicker than snake snot.

Weakness: Uses Eric’s drives during shambles